Lost Sheep Found and Restored (2 of 4) by Frank Damazio

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Lost Sheep Found and Restored (2 of 4)
Series: Lost
Frank Damazio
Luke 19:10

INTRODUCTION: The joy of finding something that has been lost is a remarkably great experience, whether it is something as small as a key or money or a credit card, or if it is something more emotional like finding a pet or something life-changing like finding a lost child, marriage, career or dream. Losing anything, great or small, is a real-life experience. What have you lost? Directions, significance, fulfillment, opportunity, dreams? I am hoping to help us turn to the great Restorer of lost things, lost people, and lost heart. Jesus is our hope. If you find yourself saying, ''Yes, that's me. I really need to find that but how can I?'' you need to believe the Scripture and believe Jesus. Give Jesus the opportunity to find what is missing in your life. Let us turn to the Restorer.

Luke 15-16 contains well-known parables, none of which are in the other gospels. Do you remember your first experience of being lost?

J.C. Penney: A young man in deep depression was in a mental hospital suffering with severe depression. He heard singing, went to the chapel and was totally transformed through a salvation experience. He put Jesus at the center of his life, his depression lifted, and he became a successful businessman. J.C. Penny states, he was lost to depression but was found.



1. When a person experiences a time in life when he/she awakens to the realization that something is missing, stolen, or gone; when he/she is in a condition of lostness and desperate need of Jesus to restore.

2. Luke 19:10 For the Son of Man came to find and restore the lost. (Message)
The Son of Man came to find lost people and save them. (NCV)


1. The lost-found parables of Luke 15

a. Parable of the lost sheep
b. Parable of the lost coin
c. Parable of the lost son

2. Parables of the father heart of God: parables that show the unconditional lo ...

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