Predestined For Plus: Aligning To The God Choice (3 of 3) by Frank Damazio

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Predestined For Plus: Aligning To The God Choice (3 of 3)
Series: Plus Factor
Frank Damazio

Introduction: The Christian faith and life have their center in Christ. All we are, all we have, and all we will become is found in Christ. He is the center and we are to focus on Him and give praise and thanks to Him. Christ is the plus factor, the added advantage, the reason we have an edge to life. We have benefits communicated to us through the Holy Spirit. We sit in heavenly places, realms where Christ is ruling now. We have been chosen for blessing and we, by faith, align to God's choice. You are special; you are chosen; you are predestined to great things in and through Christ.

A teacher of a grade six class was having trouble with a couple kids in her class. They started to get so bad that they were disrupting the whole class. One day she went to the principal's office to talk with him about the situation. He wasn't there so she decided to look up the files to see if there was maybe a reason at home that was causing the kids to act this way. As she looked through the files she found that all of the kids had very high IQ's. She decided that they just needed to be challenged a little more to be engaged in class. She went back to class and found that as she put more demand on them to excel at some of the harder things their skill levels grew so high that the principal came to her and asked what she had done differently. She told him that she had seen their IQ scores on their files and just started expecting that from them. His reply was "those are their student ID numbers."



1. A plus mark is set over our life which brings an added extra, a benefit plus, an overshadowing of every aspect of life with the great blessings of God both spiritually and physically

2. The gateway to the abundant, unlimited blessings God has for us starts with our being positioned in Christ and seated in heavenly places.

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