Four Keys of Intercessory Prayer (14 of 32) by Zach Terry

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Four Keys of Intercessory Prayer (14 of 32)
Series: Genesis
Zach Terry
Genesis 18

INTRODUCTION: Percy Ray was a Pastor in rural Mississippi. He was known by many as God's spoiled child. It was said that he got everything he asked for in prayer.

•Gift of Land - Once he was praying for land for a new Church, they had no money. He was led by God to go to a field and dig a footing for a new Church. He said, ''God we don't own that field'' But God told him to go so he went. At the same time God spoke to a business man in Memphis and told him to drive to that area and he would find a man in overalls digging the footer for a Church. He was to give him the land. It happened just as God said.

•Death of Trouble - The story is told of a young Pastor who came to Percy Ray telling him of a particular Church member who did nothing but cause trouble. He was threatening the Pastor, disrupting the service, the Church had done everything in their ability to quite the man to no avail. Finally, the young Pastor went to Percy Ray and who bowed down on the spot and prayed, ''Dear God, bring this man to repentance or kill him.'' The story goes that as they were praying a man lost control of his automobile and crashed into the home of this troublesome church member putting an end to his life.

Adrian Rogers said, ''There are a lot of people I want praying for me, but Percy Ray is one I don't want praying against me''.

Why is it that some people seem to be God's spoiled children… they get everything they ask for, while others seem to never get passed Heavens gates in their prayers?

It seems that some have discovered the secret or the key to prayer.

LABORATORY - I like Abraham learned prayer more in the laboratory than the classroom. When I was saved a very pragmatic form of Christianity was prominent in the land. However, God brought circumstances into my life that caused me to seek Him in prayer.

ILLUSTRATION: I prayed for a wife and Julie showed up in Church that Sunday. I lost half the single men right there…

I didn't read about how to pray in a book - I learned as I went. Well today you will learn of it in the classroom…. But I WARN YOU! You better learn in the laboratory of experience just like Abraham or it's no good to you.

CONTEXT: Let's join Abraham in the laboratory of experience in Gen. 18: The sun sat high over Abraham's encampment under the great trees of Mamre outside Hebron. The morning chores were complete, and workers had returned to their tents for the customary siesta. The sheep, donkeys, and camels were clumped under the shade of the trees in midday languor. And Abraham was sitting at the shaded entrance of his tent enjoying the respite. Perhaps he had nodded off because as he looked up he saw three men standing nearby. Abraham had neither seen nor heard their approach. They were simply there, looking at him.

TEXT: Genesis 18:1-33 (NAS) 1 Now the LORD appeared to him by the oaks of Mamre, while he was sitting ...

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