Life After Forgiveness (32 of 32) by Zach Terry

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Life After Forgiveness (32 of 32)
Series: Genesis
Zach Terry
Genesis 50

CONTEXT: We are in a series called, "God Built" where we have been looking at the life and times of this man Joseph. Specifically what God was doing in making him into a man of God.
We recognized early that God gave more space to the character of Joseph than he did to any other individual in Genesis. When we consider the fact that he only gave a verse to the stars... and he also made the stars... that is significant.

John Phillips said that tells us God is more interested in making saints than making stars.

This point is clear God is building Joseph through the good and bad of life and that's never more clear than in today's text.

• SIN - The story began with a horrible sin...Genesis 37: Joseph dreamed, had a coat - Joseph's brothers hate him and sell him into slavery.
• Slavery - Joseph was sold to a man named Potiphar, whose wife made advances at Joseph ultimately landing Joseph in prison.
• It was there that Joseph met a couple of guys the baker and cup bearer to pharaoh. They had dreams that ultimately brought Joseph before Pharaoh.
• Pharaoh made Joseph Vice Regent over all of Egypt.
• The Famine hit....Jacob and his boy turn to Egypt for survival...
• FORGIVENESS - Genesis 45: Eventually they are brought back together, forgiven, made peace, reconciled, restored.
• Genesis 47: Jacob is brought to Egypt, settled in Goshen, but in 47:30 - Jacob made Joseph swear that when he died he would bury him back in Canaan because he knew God's plan was to continue to unfold there.
• Genesis 48-49: Jacob speaks prophetic blessings over his sons.
• Genesis 50: Jacob dies.

TEXT: Genesis 50:15-21 (NASB95)
15 When Joseph's brothers saw that their father was dead, they said, "What if Joseph bears a grudge against us and pays us back in full for all the wrong which we did to him!"

Now is that possible? Is it possible for Joseph to forgive his brothers on one occasion and then slowly but surly dig up the past that he buried and treat them as if he has never forgiven them at all?

YES - And I want to submit to you that, that is exactly what some of you are dealing with today. You remember the experience - when you said, once and for all I'm going to forgive this person.

• For some - it was written on a sheet of paper and tossed in a camp fire and youth camp.
• For some - it was a late night with many tears as you and your spouse embraced.
• For some - it was a walk down the aisle of this or another Church where you asked God to take that unforgiveness our of your heart and the best you could tell He did.

But for some reason, years after that event you realize that from time to time you seem to be haunted by the things that were done to you years ago... and you think, but I forgave him. Yet something isn't right.

Friend that is what the Bible calls a Root of Bitterness.

The write to the Hebrews warns us of this tendency in 12 ...

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