Strong in Spiritual Disciplines (5 of 6) by Frank Damazio

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Strong in Spiritual Disciplines (5 of 6)
Series: Strong
Frank Damazio

Growing stronger necessitates going deeper into our walk with God. Going deeper means we understand the spiritual disciples are not optional but are absolutely the road to growing stronger. Why do so many of us feel we just have not grown very much in the likeness of Christ? Are we just spiritually thick-headed or stubborn? Are we just not built to be spiritual giants for Christ? We must make converts into disciples, people who are spiritually transformed. There is no room for ‘‘cheap grace’’ as Dietrich Bonhoeffer described worthless faith that presents no change in people.

Once upon a time a group of men from Chicago left their jobs in the high-rise office building, moved to the prairie, and bought some farmland. ‘‘We are farmers!’’ they declared to each other. All summer long they would go to the field to watch their crops grow. However when September rolled in, the fields were filled with goldenrod and all kinds of wildflowers and weeds, but no corn. ‘‘Where is the corn?’’ they asked each other and they wondered what they could have possibly done wrong.



A person strong in spiritual disciplines has made a serious lifestyle decision to go deeper into God and grow stronger in all aspects of spiritual life, cultivating a consistent life in the Word and prayer.


1. Exercises unto godliness with activities undertaken to make us capable of receiving more of Christ’s life and power, going deeper and growing stronger in God.

2. The phrase ‘‘train yourself’’ in 1 Timothy 4:8 is the Greek word gymnazo, where we get our English word gymnasium. Spiritual training is like a person who goes to the spiritual gym for their soul. Spiritual training helps now, in this life, and in the life to come for eternity. Spiritual disciplines are far superior and profitable, not merely to a ...

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