Isaiah's Four Labels of Christ (1 of 3) by Frank Damazio

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Isaiah's Four Labels of Christ (1 of 3)
Series: Labels - Made For Everyday Wear
Frank Damazio

Introduction: Have you ever bought something and not looked at the label? Maybe it was food or clothing, and you forgot to read the label or read it wrong and experienced the consequences of that. A label helps us identify things. There are brands like Target, Wal-mart, Ann Taylor, Nike, Nordstrom, Prada, and so on.

Labels: made for everyday wear, is the name or the "label" attached to this series. Labels are important to most of us and rarely looked at by many of us. My wife will always ask me after I have purchased some clothing, "Did you look at the label?" My answer is, "Well, kinda. I like the way the fabric felt, so I bought it." Most clothes made in the U.S. have permanent care labels attached for obvious reasons. The label really is the most important piece on the garment, but most of us don't notice or we don't follow the instructions on the label. Jesus is our focus and Jesus has been labeled by His manufacturer, God, and the label has important information on it.



1. Identification: identifies the make, brand name and the credentials; they reveal the quality of the object; the name on the tag defines its value.

2. Information about the product: what it's made of, where it was made, if it is natural, man-made or divine.

3. Instruction: a tag, a marker, something that gives instruction about the object; warnings, directions for every day use. Care labels.


1. People are labeled by their names: a great family name that is recognizable (Rockefeller, Nordstrom, Kennedy, Einstein), by their achievements (Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus, The Wright brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Jonas Salk), and by their failures (Titanic, Leaning Tower of Pisa).

2. What label have people put on Jesus?

a. Matthew 16:13-14 "When Jesus came into the r ...

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