Connected To Belong (2 of 3) by Frank Damazio

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Connected To Belong (2 of 3)
Series: Connected
Frank Damazio

Introduction: In this series we are building an atmosphere of everyone connecting to the people God has brought into your life, connecting in such a way that every joint supplies and every person is bonded together with others. A sense of belonging to something, anything, seems to be a basic human need. Even when the thing we belong to is negative, the belonging itself can feel like a positive. What comes to your mind you think of the topic "belong"? Trying to fit in? Trying to gain acceptance, seeking approval, wanting to be liked and feel a part? Have you ever experienced being left out in the cold or wanting to belong but watching from the sidelines? Are you one of those who does not want to belong? Belonging is something you resist or you just don't know how to belong? People are important to God.

Need another friend? Get another dog: As his UCLA football team suffered through a poor season in the early 1970s, head coach Pepper Rodgers came under intense criticism and pressure. Things got so bad that friends became hard to find. "My dog was my only true friend," Rodgers says of that year. "I told my wife that every man needs at least two good friends-and she bought me another dog."



Those who visit, observe, may come and go at will such as those who go to a sporting event. They enjoy the church but it is not their life. They may be shoppers and hoppers.


Those who choose to go to church services on a fairly regular basis. They don't own the vision yet or feel responsible for how things are done or not gone. They are on a journey as newcomers.


Those who have made a decision to make church their home church. They take membership, make a commitment to give, to serve, to live life with the church. They feel responsible for what happens.


Those who are committed to vision, valu ...

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