What the Devil Fears Most (6 of 9) by Jeff Schreve

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What the Devil Fears Most (6 of 9)
Series: Braveheart
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 6:10

Well, as many of you know, my wife loves pets. I tolerate pets, but I love Debbie. So we have two cats and two dogs; two little dogs and two regular-size cats, I guess. And, ah, she asked me the other day, she said, "Jeff, I want to get another dog." She said, "I'd like to get a Great Dane" (laughter). I said, "That's fine, but first let me schedule my lobotomy." You know, I mean, I'm just not ready for that. But she loves these little dogs. She'll tell them all the time, "Oh, mommy loves you so bad. Mommy just loves you so bad." And I look at them, dumb and dumber, and I say, "Daddy just tolerates you so bad" (laughter). I mean, that's just kind of the way. And, and Max, he's really the, the slow one of the group (laughter); I mean, really. If, if Max had a brain cell, it would die of loneliness. And he's just (laughter), it's just a blank thing there. There's no brain activity.

Mannie is pretty smart, the other little dauchhound. He's pretty smart. And Mannie thinks he is so bad. He killed a squirrel one time, so I was just kind of impressed with him. This little wimp killed a squirrel. And, but he just thinks he's so bad. And if people come over to the house, boy, he is just quick to bark and act so tough, and he weighs like seven pounds or ten pounds, or whatever he weighs. I mean, he's a wimp, but he just acts so tough. And they'll come to the door, and he'll bark and bark and bark, and Max will just say, "Hey, I guess it's time to bark. I don't know what's going on, but I'll bark, too." And so, he barks. But when that stranger comes into the house, barking Mannie is still barking, but now it's from under my bed (laughter). He hides under the bed, and you can just hear him barking under the bed. He's afraid of strangers.

Now we are in a series, "Brave Heart: Becoming a Warrior for Christ." And we want to look at this subject today, "What the Devil Fears Most," see, because there is something that God has given us that will put the devil to flight; that will cause the devil to run and hide. What is that something? Is it preaching? Does preaching put the devil to flight? No! Do our programs at church, the wonderful programs that we have here, does that put the devil to flight? No! It's prayer. Prayer is what causes the devil to flee. The devil mocks our schemes and our plans and our programs and our organizations, but he fears our prayers.

Now, when we talk about prayer, most people, if you're honest, most people say, "Hmm, I don't do very well with praying. That's kind of a hard place in the Christian life for me." And we tend to have prayers that are at mealtimes, prayers that are when you're in a crisis - you know, when, when the ends start to really come forth. And when, when you, you know, you just found out you have cancer, or there's some crisis in your family, then you really begin to pray. We, we tend to have prayers that are ...

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