David, Real Survival (28 of 32) by Steve Jones

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David, Real Survival (28 of 32)
Series: David - Keeping It Real
Steve Jones
II Samuel 15

Introduction: Comedian Tim Hawkins pokes fun at preachers for their sometimes overly long or gimmicky sermon series. He imagines a sermon series called "Survivor" wherein the church staff compete with each other and take turns voting each other "off" the island of the church staff. (Show the clip from the Tim Hawkins DVD). That resonated with me for two reasons, three really. First, because this series of sermons is so long. Secondly, because today's message is "Real SURVIVAL." Thirdly, because "STEVE" was the staff-member who got voted off the island in Tim's example.
Today I do want to talk about real survival. My subtitle is "How to survive when the bottom falls out of your life." The bottom has fallen out from under the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Japan over the last two weeks. Our hearts break as we watch what has been called a "slow-motion nightmare" unfold. And at some level, many of us can't help but wonder, "What if that were me? What would I do?"
In II Samuel 15 the bottom fell out from under the life of David as well. His own son Absalom conspired to usurp his throne and he was driven from the capital city. He was experiencing tragedy on several levels. It was a family tragedy. It was a physical tragedy. It was a social/political tragedy. It was an emotional tragedy.
But David survived. And David's actions demonstrate some spiritual survival steps that we can use to cope when the bottom falls out of our world. I'm thinking of tragedies such as death, divorce, rebellion and estrangement in the family, joblessness, terminal disease, social upheaval and the like. From David's experience, let's learn three SPIRITUAL survival steps.

II Samuel 15:13-14, 23 "A messenger came and told David, 'The hearts of the men of Israel are with Absalom.' Then David said to all his off ...

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