Lord, Listen to Your Son (Our Savior) Praying by Johnny Hunt

Lord, Listen to Your Son (Our Savior) Praying
Johnny Hunt
John 17:1-3

Introduction: ''A godly man cannot live without prayer.'' Thomas Watson

''A man cannot live unless he takes his breath nor can the soul, unless it breathes forth its desires to God.''

Prayer expresses the soul's longing for God. (Ps 42:1-2)

The supreme example of prayer in Scripture comes from the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

''Beyond doubt the greatest examples of correct prayer practice ever displayed were those demonstrated by Jesus Christ. So distinct was His prayer life that by simply observing it our Lord's disciples were motivated to request instruction on the subject.''
Curtis Mitchell

In our personal life we realize that in Matt 6:9 our Lord gave us what many refer to as the Lord's Prayer, yet many consider it the Disciples' Prayer. John 17 has been referred to as the real Lord's Prayer.

Chuck Swindoll wrote a small book entitled, Intimacy with the Almighty where he attempted to help us realize what needed to happen in our lives in order to experience real intimacy with our Heavenly Father.


To reorder one's private world Simplicity
To be still Silence
To cultivate serenity Solitude
To trust the Lord completely Surrender

(Nothing under His control can ever be out of control)

It's all about deliberately slowing down and leaving room to pour out your overburdened heart to God and admit your
desperate need for inner refreshment that only God can bring.

''If you wait for someone else to bring about a change, things will only deteriorate. Your spiritual fervor will wane and you will be vulnerable to an adversarial assault, which will surely come. Strengthening yourself before the Lord is your only hope.''
Chuck Swindoll


''The task is to persevere in my solitude, to stay in my cell until all of seductive visitors get tired of pounding on my door and leave me alone.''
Henri Nouwen
The Way of the Heart

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