What Shall We Do with Jesus? by Ken Trivette

What Shall We Do with Jesus?
Ken Trivette
Matthew 27:22


1. In View of His Deity, Let Us Adore Him

a) Co-Eternal with God
b) Co-Existent with God
c) Co-Equal with God

2. In View of His Crucifixion, Let Us Accept Him

a) The Decision His Death Should Bring
b) The Devotion His Death Should Bring

3. In View of His Resurrection, Let Us Acknowledge Him

a) The Life He Lives for Us
b) The Life He Lives in Us

4. In View of His Return, Let Us Await Him

a) Looking for His Return
b) Longing for His Return

1. There are three great questions concerning the Lord Jesus that needs to be answered by every person. The first is, ''What think ye of Christ?'' (Matt. 23:42), the second is, ''But whom say ye that I am?'' (Matt. 16:15), and the third is found in our text: ''What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?'' (Matt. 27:22).

2. It is the question asked by Pilate that I want us to answer. Again, ''What shall I do then with Jesus?'' There is no neutrality here. It is a question that is asked to all and answered by all in one way or the other. To reject Him is to answer the question. To accept him, likewise, is to answer the question.

3. It is a question that must be answered by everyone, lost or saved. If lost, what shall you do with Him who offers you salvation? If saved, what will you do with Him as your Savior?

4. As H.A. Ironside said, ''It is a question that every man has to ask himself sooner or later wherever this story of Jesus is known.''[1]

5. What shall we do with Jesus? Let me suggest what our response should be in view of certain things about Him. First,


1. Pilate had to make a decision about someone who was not your everyday prisoner. Pilate asked, ''Art Thou the King of the Jews?'' (Matt. 27:11), and called Him ''Jesus which is called Christ'' (Matt. 27:22). His wife spoke of Him as ''that just man'' (Matt. 27:19), and He indeed was King, the Christ, a ...

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