Relationships - Part 2 (6 of 7) by Fred Michaux

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Relationships - Part 2 (6 of 7)
Series: Rivers
Fred Michaux

I. Opening

-Vannessa story of the staple gun…you can have all the right supplies with the potential to build but still harm…Matthew 18…

Psalm 119:1-8

-Rivers Series…

Our lives need to have flow, our words, our attitudes, our reactions, our choices, our example…life giving to everyone around us. And the 12 Pathways make it possible, rivers of living water out of us and into the world!

II. Introduction

-Romans 12:5
-Psalm 133 (unity, causal with anointing of God, His favor, and heaven on earth!)
-Ephesians 4:25-27

I am responsible for the health and vitality of the relationships in my church and will not sit idly by while people languish, I will not let people drown in their mistakes…does your life have flow!

(talk about Matthew 18 being a text for the restoration of a relationship, if there is not future for the relationship, this is not the text for you...if you are at risk physically, in danger…this is not the text for you!)

III. A Plan Provided

+this is not God's advice on winning an argument…
+this is not a picture of 3 steps but 3 categories of steps…
+ ...

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