The Radical Vow (1 of 4) by Fred Michaux

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The Radical Vow (1 of 4)
Series: Radical
Fred Michaux


-Radical Together by David Platt…

-How do you spell radical? (or putting it this way, when you hear the word radical, what comes to mind?)

Each week we are going to explore a word that spells radical for us as passionate followers of Jesus Christ at City Life…and tonight we are spelling it VOW, The Radical Vow!


-John 6:60 (we find this response often to Jesus…too radical)

-Mark 8:34-35

We find here that Jesus asks us to make a vow, a promise, a moment of devotion that is nothing short of radical!

His message better be really good…because we know good!

(tell story of person fasting before their job interview…)

(tell story of being in elementary school, Sherry Jeter…)

So what is Jesus' good news, what is this message that in hearing it, I am willing to make such a radical vow of devotion to Him?

You Are Going To Die…

-Ecclesiastes 8:8, we are all eternal, a consciousness that will never cease, this life is not all there is!

-Ecclesiastes 12:7

-Mark 12:18-27

-I Corinthians 13:9-11 (if you took a 70 year old person's life story, traveled back in time, tried to tell that person on the day they are born, in their infancy they could not possibly understand, they don't even realize their hands belong to them.. ...

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