The Radical View (2 of 4) by Fred Michaux

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The Radical View (2 of 4)
Series: Radical
Fred Michaux


-what is your favorite view?

-James 1:22-25 (emphasize verse 23)

-This series…and this weekend, we are spelling radical "view"


-read from pages 7and8

-talk about distinguishing between the question and the answer in Platt's book

-James 5:23 (a radical view always leads to a radical change)

-2 Corinthians 3:18 (a radical view always leads to a radical change)

-Luke 5:1…are you pressing!

A radical view for radical change…looking

NOT waiting until we have mastered the whole Bible before we start looking "in the mirror." (the right translation…a study Bible…just start!)

2 Corinthians 13:5 (nasb)

• The Test, Jesus is THE standard…most believe He is…(absolute values vs relative values)
• The Examination, the moment of comparison…less go here…
• The Recognition, an honest acknowledgement… even less…

3 People, "What do you see?" @ home, @ work, @ church

1 Peter 1:13-16…look!

A radical view for radical change…embracing

NOT waiting until we are perfect before we start embracing our identity in Christ. (be prepared to be overwhelmed at what you find as you look, but who you used to be doesn't define you!)

Luke 4:28-30, at the end of The Year of Inauguration (M4, Mk1, L4, J4)

• Baptism
• Temptation
• Water to wine
• Temple cleansed
• Nicodemus
• Samaritan revival
• Nobleman's son healed
• John's imprisonment
• 1st Nazareth Rejection

Mark 6:1-6, at the end of The Year of Popularity (M9, Mk5, L8, J5)

• ...

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