Lord, Help My Unbelief by Ken Trivette

Lord, Help My Unbelief
Ken Trivette
Mark 9:14-24

1. A Promise to Bless Us
a) The Possibility of What We Can See
b) The Prerequisite to What We Can See
2. A Problem to Bother Us
a) Unbelief Displeases the Father
b) Unbelief Deprives the Believer
c) Unbelief Delights the Devil
3. A Prayer to Build Us
a) A Prayer to Pray Contritely
b) A Prayer to Pray Continually

1. A woman lived in a small house built at the foot of a tall mountain. The mountain obstructed her view and made the inside of the house dark. She had read Jesus' promise about faith moving mountains. Taking it literally, one night she prayed that the Lord would remove the mountain. The next morning the mountain was still there. "Humph!" she replied, "Just as I expected!"

2. If most are honest they would have to admit that when they pray they really don't expect an answer. The same would be true in believing God for something. They say, "I believe God's promises" but they really don't expect to see that promise come true. Many believe that God can, but fewer believe that He will.

3. One of the major sins of the Church and Christians is unbelief. I say sin because the Bible says in Romans 14:23 that "whatsoever is not of faith is sin." Stephen Charnock said, "As faith is the greatest grace, so that which is opposite to it must be the greatest sin."

4. Roman's 4:20 has always spoken to my heart. We read of Abraham's faith and how "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God." Instead of demonstrating unbelief, he demonstrated faith. The tense of the words indicates that Abraham was getting stronger and stronger in his faith. He did not stagger or waver because he had faith that what God said He would do, He would do.

5. Matthew Henry said, "Unbelief is at the bottom of all our staggerings at God's promises." We stagger because of unbelief. We waver because of unbelief. We fear because of unbelief. We doubt because of unbelief. The result is that we miss what God can do for us because of our unbelief.

6. In Mark 9 we find a father bringing his demon-possessed son to Jesus. In the course of the events that followed we hear him praying, "Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief" (Vs. 24). This is a prayer that many should pray.

7. Let's look at the story by first considering:


1. In verse 23 we have a wonderful and thrilling promise. "Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." What a word from God! What a promise! This is a promise that should bless the heart of every believer.

2. Look with me closer at the promise. First, we see:

A) The Possibility of What We Can See

1. Jesus said "all things are possible." What are the possibilities in our lives and churches? All things are possible! What can we see happen in our lives and churches? All things are possible. Jesus was speaking of unlimited possibilities.

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