In the Beginning (1 of 12) by John Barnett

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In the Beginning (1 of 12)
Series: Paradise Lost
John Barnett

This morning please open to the ten most important words in the Bible, they are the 1st 10 words and they are found in Genesis 1:1 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

In THESE TEN WORDS we find the answers to everything that will matter forever with God.
? There is only ONE GOD
? There is only ONE WAY TO GOD
? There is only ONE ABODE OF GOD
? There is only ONE CREATOR
? There is only ONE CREATION

So THESE TEN WORDS tell us GOD initiated this Cosmos by His own will.
? THESE TEN WORDS tell us the Universe had a start and God existed forever before that beginning.
? THESE TEN WORDS tell us our Creator designed this world and the universe around it leaving His fingerprints everywhere!
? THESE TEN WORDS are the only gateway to the True God, the True Creator and the Only Redeemer.
? THESE TEN WORDS are the Foundation of our ORIGIN, PURPOSE and DESTINY!
? THESE TEN WORDS are the only proper way to understand Geology, Anthropology, History, Philosophy and so on.
? THESE TEN WORDS are the only authoritative guide to the origin and purpose of male, female, marriage, family, government; and they alone records the start of sin, evil, cultures, language, Israel and all.

Think with me this morning what these ten words say:

? There is ONE GOD: The Creator of Heaven and Earth
? There is ONE REVELATION: God's Word the Bible
? There is ONE PROGRAM: God's Kingdom
? There is ONE PURPOSE: God's Glory
? There is ONE BOOK YOU CAN TRUST: His record in the Word

So what would these ten most important words say? They are so vital to all parts of our life, so crucial to the destiny of our souls. In order that we never miss them, God put them in the front of your Bibles. These are the first words Jesus and the Apostles read at their mother's knees. For all Jewish children were taught to read starting with the Torah, the f ...

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