In Six Days (4 of 12) by John Barnett

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In Six Days (4 of 12)
Series: Paradise Lost
John Barnett

Two lines run through the history of mankind: the line of Christ and the line of Antichrist, the line of the Woman's seed and that of the serpent.

? The Christ line begins with Adam, passes via Golgotha, and leads to the heavenly Jerusalem.
? The Antichrist line begins with Cain, passes via Babel, and leads to the lake of fire.

There are only 2 families (God's and Satan's),
There are only 2 destinies (Heaven and Hell) and
There are only 2 choices (repent or reject).
Each of us today belongs to one family or the other. You are choosing your own future.


As taught in our public schools today, the Organic Theory of Evolution accounts for the origin of mankind as follows:
"Life on this planet originated several billion years ago, when electrical disturbances caused reactions to occur in the chemicals of the primeval ocean, and these reactions produced amino acids, and these amino acids organized themselves into living cells. As time went on, more chemical reactions caused the descendants of these one-celled organisms to mutate and develop into a variety of types of multi-celled plants and animals.
"The process continued, and as each new variety of organism appeared, natural selection would result in its being either better or less suited to the environment, and therefore it would either flourish or disappear. In the long run, then, species of plants and animals better and better suited to their respective environments appeared and developed.
"Man is the highest product of this development. He is immediately descended from the same ancestors as the apes; more remotely, from the same ancestors as all mammals. He is himself still developing; that process is stalled by our present lifestyle, but biologically it is inevitable."


There are two programs at work in the world today: God's program of salvation, and ...

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