Living Like Jesus Promised (6 of 37) by John Barnett

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Living Like Jesus Promised (6 of 37)
Series: Christ In All The Scripture
John Barnett

Cana of Galilee is the spot we remember one of the greatest elements of Christ's work for us and the result of our salvation-an endless, joy-filled life!

This morning we open again to the Gospel by John, chapter 2. Just before we read these 11 verses let me give you what may be John's perspective as he wrote these words.

It is now maybe 60 or even 70 years after Christ's amazing ministry. John has watched Christianity transforms literally millions of lives from one end of the world to the other. As the last living Apostle of Christ he was instructed by God's Spirit to record the final Gospel Portrait of Jesus, and is given a specific set of events to record.

As John captures the 1st sign miracle by Jesus for his Gospel he must have thought, these are not just physical events Jesus did in Judea and Samaria once long ago, these are also the miracles of salvation that He STILL DOES!


Now we can see what John is teaching us. Every story tells us not of something Jesus did once and never again, but of something which he is for ever doing. John tells us not of things that Jesus once did, but of things that he still does today.

And what John wants us to see here is not that Jesus once on a day turned some stone pots of water into wine; he wants us to see that whenever Jesus comes into a man's life, there comes a new quality which is like turning water into wine.

o Without Jesus, life is dull and stale and flat; when Jesus comes into it, life becomes vivid and sparkling and exciting.
o Without Jesus, life is drab and uninteresting; with him it is thrilling and exhilarating.

For seventy years he had thought and meditated and remembered, until he saw meanings and significances that he had not seen at the time. When John told this story he was remembering what life with Jesus was like; and h ...

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