Four Curtains, Three Doors, But One Christ (20 of 37) by John Barnett

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Four Curtains, Three Doors, But One Christ (20 of 37)
Series: Christ in All the Scripture
John Barnett


Essentially, a brief birds eye view of our subject matter should follow along this vein:
o First sinners approach God for salvation. In the Tabernacle we find salvation at the Brazen Altar. Simple faith in the shed blood of a lamb that was without spot or blemish was all that God required.
o Next we see daily cleansing portrayed by the Laver. This daily cleansing by exposure to God's Word also satisfies our spiritual needs.
o Then and only then can we come into the Tabernacle proper, a place of divine worship.
o Once in the Holy Place we can see into the most Holy Place beyond the Veil, which is a symbol of Heaven itself. Heaven can only become our final resting place when we come God's appointed way.


Every year when we start through God's Word we are confronted with those 50 plus chapters dealing with the Tabernacle. It is so long, so detailed, so confusing at some times and so boring at others. That is why we need to get the big picture. Here is what one seminary text mentions:
"The building of the tabernacle is more than simply the building of a place of worship in the desert. The tabernacle is a microcosm of creation, a piece of heaven on earth. Even though the list of building materials, lamp stands and incense altars may seem repetitive and tedious to modern readers, it is precisely the sheer mass of this material that alerts us to the fact that we have arrived at a central concern of the Exodus story. The cosmic character of the tabernacle is indicated by the manner of its construction. The cherubim worked into the blue, purple and scarlet yarn of the curtains (26:31) were to be an ever-present reminder that the tabernacle was an earthly representation of a higher reality. Moreover, the tabernacle was to be made according to a strict and precise heavenly pattern (see 25:8-9, 40; 2 ...

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