The Kingdom Life: People We Wish To Grow by Johnny Hunt

The Kingdom Life: People We Wish To Grow
Johnny Hunt
1 Corinthians 16:10-12, 15
August 28, 2011

INTRODUCTION: Paul wanted to teach every Christian everything he could at every opportunity he had. Paul was not an agenda person, he was a people person. Paul mentions simple, ordinary people being used in extra-ordinary ministries.

Paul was a man with great discernment. He learns to deal with the church's greatest resource, people. People possess the resources needed such as time, talents, and treasures, but the greatest treasure (resource) is people. That is why I believe the next greatest word after LORDSHIP is RELATIONSHIP. In other words, Paul was a builder of team spirit and built team workers. Though he was an apostle and was privileged to receive great revelations from the Lord, he always worked closely with other Christians in whatever he did.

"He was never an ecclesiastical superstar lording it over those 'below' him."

? Paul and Barnabas
? Paul and Silas
? Paul and Luke
? Paul and Aristarchus
? Paul and Mark
? Paul and Timothy

In the book of Romans, Paul devotes the last chapter to commending a long list of co-workers, 24 individuals and 2 entire households. Paul not only acknowledged his dependence on the Lord but also his dependence on other Christians. Truth is, let it be told, "I am who I am because of Jesus and so many of you."



Corinthians were known to be proud, self-sufficient, and strong-willed, therefore, Paul exhorted them to treat Timothy with respect.

In their minds, the older generation may indeed be the "greatest," but it must not be the last.

Jimmy Draper said to me while I was in my 30's, "Bring the next generation behind you, with you."


"for he does the work of the Lord, as I also do" -
Paul saw them as equal in the Lord; he was the Lord's faithful worker. Timothy was worthy of h ...

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