Materialism: Not Giving to God First in this Life (45 of 58) by John Barnett

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Materialism: Not Giving to God First in this Life (45 of 58)
Series: Revelation - From Now to Forever
John Barnett

This is our third stop in a four-week trek. We will be hiking the great passages describing MONEY, POSSESSIONS AND ETERNITY. Our four messages will be covering:

Ownership: Giving to God All in this Life
Stewardship: Giving to God His in this Life
Materialism: Giving to God First in this Life
Contentment: Giving to God Place in this Life
As a believer the Bible has given me an insiders knowledge. There is the coming of an eventual major upheaval in the worldwide social and economic situation. All the currency of the world-its money, possessions, fashions, and whims-will be worthless at our death or Christ's return, both of which are imminent. This should utterly change our investment strategy.

For you and me to expend the most precious time and energies we have building up more and more wealth and possessions is foolish. In face of the inevitable future storing vast sums of money for some future day is equivalent to rushing out to hoard Confederate money on the day before Sherman took the South.

To place all our hope of the future life we have on earth in money, despite our awareness of it worthlessness, is to betray a basic ignorance or unbelief in the Scriptures.

Kingdom currency, backed by the eternal treasury, is the only medium of exchange recognized by the Son of God, whose government will last forever. The currency of his kingdom is our present faithful service and sacrificial use of our resources for him. The payoff in eternity will be "a sure foundation," consisting of treasures beyond our wildest dreams.

Greed is demonstrated in POSSESSIVENESS ( selfishness WITH WHAT WE HAVE) and COVETOUSNESS (longing for what we don't have). Remember coveting is like idolatry just as hate amounts to murder in I John 3:15 and lust amounts to adultery in Mat 5:28.

Please read II Peter 3


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