First Love (53 of 58) by John Barnett

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First Love (53 of 58)
Series: Revelation - From Now to Forever
John Barnett

I. CHRIST SPEAKING TO HIS CHURCH: The letters to the Churches. Finally, each letter has all or part of these six components:
A. An Assembly 2:1a
B. An Authority 2:1b
C. An Approval 2:2-3, 6
D. An Admonition 2:4
E. An Appeal 2:5
F. An Assurance 2:7

A. Powerful Founding
1. They were heirs to the greatest days of Paul's earthly ministry and the longest
2. Acts 19:11 describes extra ordinary miraculous events.
3. Verse 19 reports amazing conversions and life transformations.
B. Godly Nurturing
1. Paul sent Timothy who stayed until church history records a mob killed him for his strong preaching against sin.
2. John the Apostle lived there until his exile in Patmos. And then returned from Patmos to continue in ministry there.
C. Tremendous History
1. Mary the mother of our Lord lived and died there and
2. John the apostle gives this city an honor no other knew--Ephesians was the only church that had 2 apostles write them inspired letters.
3. A generation from it's founding Ephesians was mature.
4. Two generations from Pentecost, the church at Ephesus had some of the richest history.

III. CHRIST FADING FROM HIS CHURCH: The Church throughout the Ages: SEVEN SUCCESSIVE STAGES IN CHURCH HISTORY. For just a moment, let me give you a perspective- there are seven letters in Revelation 2 - 3 that give us the church in prophetic perspective - the church from Christians ascension until He comes to take His church - from century one to the rapture.

In the first place, the seven Churches represent seven phases or periods in the Church's history, stetching from the time of the apostles to the coming again of Christ, the characteristics of which are set forth partly in the names of these churches, but more fully in the epistles addressed to them.

A. There has been an Ephesian period--30-60 AD a period of warm ...

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