Doctrine of Repentance (6 of 13) by Stan Coffey

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Doctrine of Repentance (6 of 13)
Series: What Every Christian Should Know
Stan Coffey
Luke 13:3


I. The Doctrine Of Repentance

A. Importance Of Repentance

1. Without Repentance We Will Perish
2. Repent Because Of What Sin Does To Us

a. Sin Defiles Us
b. Sin Decays Us
c. Sin Destroys Us

B. What Is Repentance?

1. Not Conviction
2. Not Remorse
3. Not Reformation
4. Not Confession
5. It Is An About Face

a. Change Of Heart
b. Change Of Action
c. Change Of Attitude
d. Change In Judgement

Well, I am excited about this crowd tonight and about the subject I have for us. I have been talking on Sunday nights about the Biblical foundations of our faith. You know there are some things we can differ on, and we can still go to heaven. We can differ on the meaning of the seven horns and the seven crowns and the seven heads on the beast of Revelation.

You may say that it is one thing, and I may say it is another, but that doesn't have anything to do with our salvation. Amen? I mean, we can differ on Biblical interpretations of many kinds.

But we cannot differ on the foundations of our faith or our beliefs that all of us must believe, that all of us need to believe, because these are the essential things for us to be right with God and go to heaven.

Tonight, I am going to talk about one that is not preached in many churches today, but it ought to be preached because it is vital if you want to go to heaven and spend eternity with God. It is the doctrine of repentance.


If you have your Bible, turn to Luke 13:3. If you don't have it with you, then it is all right. You can just listen to this one verse. I will read this one verse to you. This is a verse that emphasizes the importance of repentance.


It would be interesting tonight, if we had time for me to just let you shout back to me what you think repentance is, but I am not going to do that tonight becau ...

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