How to Make an Angel Jealous: Truths About our Inheritance (2 of 16) by Jeff Lynn

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How to Make an Angel Jealous: Truths About our Inheritance (2 of 16)
Series: Living in a Stable Economy
Jeff Lynn
1 Peter 1:3-12
February 6, 2011



Let me remind us that the apostle Peter wrote this letter to encourage those who were being persecuted, alienated, disenfranchised and marginalized for being a follower of Christ.
They were dispersed/scattered from their homes in Rome to the area known as Turkey today.
They were social and spiritual exiles.
Social: alien to that part of the country.
Spiritual: stranger to this world.

In the first two verses that we looked at last week, Peter reminded them that they were elect exiles; chosen aliens who were known by the Father, being sanctified/changed by the Spirit, in obedience to Jesus the Son.
Again, the word "economy" means "household management."

Peter informs them that they are now members of the household of God and that they collectively are forming a spiritual house.

Now he is going to show them what they have as followers of Christ, reminding them that they are aliens/sojourners/strangers in this world.

TEXT: 1 Peter 1:3-12

Peter is sharing with them that although their earthly possessions may have been forfeited or taken away from them having been scattered from their homeland, they have a heavenly possession.

Because we, too, are Christ followers, he, in essence, is showing us what we have, too.

He starts by praising God, and then laying out why he is praising Him.

"According to God's great mercy (giving us what we don't deserve) He has caused (He is the initiator) us to be born again."
Born again to what?

We were once born to a temporal world to receive a temporal life with all its benefits and burdens.

But now we're born again to an eternal world. We have been born again to eternal life due to the mercy of God and the blood of Christ.

We are now part of a heavenly economy that's stable.

We are now in a different economy; we are ...

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