Do You Love Life?: How to Love Life and See Good Days (12 of 16) by Jeff Lynn

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Do You Love Life?: How to Love Life and See Good Days (12 of 16)
Series: Living in a Stable Economy
Jeff Lynn
1 Peter 3:8-12
May 8, 2011


TEXT: 1 Peter 3:8-12

Over the last few weeks we have seen how Peter has instructed these Christ-followers to live under the authority that God has placed in their lives, regardless of whether or not they are followers of Christ.

In other words, he gives specific instructions to those who feel they might be released from submitting to ungodly authorities; but then he moves into the conduct that all Christ-followers who are a part of the economy of the kingdom of heaven should have.

That's why he starts out this segment with the words, "Finally, all of you."

More than likely he is talking about conduct concerning relationships within the household of faith, although we are to employ certain measures of this behavior to even those who don't know Christ.

He says at the end of verse 9 that this type of behavior is to what we have been called in order that we might obtain a blessing.

Then, it's as if the hearers may be questioning what type of blessing he is talking about or perhaps that they need to be affirmed in another way.

So, Peter takes off into a portion of Psalm 34 in order for them to understand the blessing, which is a "desire to love life and to see good days."

The psalm from which Peter quotes basically says the same thing that Peter has said in the preceding two verses.

That word "love" is from the root word agape which means a full, all inclusive love, or a passion.

And the word for "life" there is a derivative of the Greek word "zoe" which means the spirit and soul of life, versus the word "bios" which is physical life.

It means an enjoyment in life and a contentment in life regardless of what may be going on around you.

Is this not what Jesus promised in John 10:10, when he said that the thie ...

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