What Do You Want Me To Do For You? (8 of 8) by Ernest Easley

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What Do You Want Me To Do For You? (8 of 8)
Series: Life Changer .. Soul Saver
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Mark 10:46-52
July 10, 2011

We are back in our series of messages from the gospel of Mark under the heading:
Isn't it wonderful today to know that with Jesus … anything is possible and that nothing is impossible! Hey folks .. with God all things are possible .. including change!
For several weeks now from Mark's gospel we have encountered some unlikely people when it came to change. For instance … who would have ever thought that leper could be healed from his leprosy. Or what about the paralytic who "took up his bed" and walked out of the room?
What do you think the odds were for THAT happening? Nobody saw that coming .. not even the paralytic … until He met Jesus and then suddenly .. all bets were off!
Well … we have discovered that people CAN change and that people DO change and that Jesus is the ultimate change factor and that Satan is the ultimate change fighter!
Do you remember what must take place for lasting change to occur in a person's life? First … a new relationship that inspires and sustains hope. Second .. from that relationship comes a new way of thinking. Third .. from that new way of thinking comes a new way of living OR CHANGE!
Well .. today from Mark 10 we find another person who was in need of a change. His name was Bartimaeus. And we're going to hear Jesus ask him an incredible question … a question that you're going to hear Him ask you today:
What do you want Me to do for you?
Here is Jesus … the Life Changer, Soul Saver asking a man who had many great needs:
What do you want Me to do for you?
A blank check! What do you want me to do for you? May I ask you a personal question: What do you want Jesus to do for you today? What is your greatest need today? What is your biggest burden? May I make a suggestion to you? Do what Bartimaeus did and bring it to Jesus! That's what he did! He ex ...

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