The Wisdom of God in the Life of the Worshipper of God (1 of 32) by Harley Howard

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The Wisdom of God in the Life of the Worshipper of God (1 of 32)
Series: The Book of Proverbs
Harley Howard

Wisdom's Wisdom 1:1-7

Wisdom's Wail 1:20-23

Wisdom's Warning 1:24-33

Wisdom's Want 2:1-9

Wisdom's Walk 2:10-22, 3:5-7

Proverbs Chapter 1 - Introduction to Proverbs

Wisdom's Wisdom 1:1-7 - It's wise to be wise!

1 The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;

The book of Proverbs was written primarily by David's son Solomon. The remaining proverbs were written by other authors. According to 1 Kings 4:32, Solomon spoke 3000 proverbs and wrote 1005 songs to the Lord.

1 Kings 4:32
And he spoke three thousand proverbs: and his songs were a thousand and five.

The nature and use of Proverbs: A proverb is a brief sentence, in a few words, expressing some well-established truth of various illustrations and applications. They come from one who knew from experience the extremities of life. In the writings of Ecclesiastes we see a man who experienced to the limit every possible earthly pleasure, fame and wealth beyond our wildest dreams and still came to the conclusion that it all was vanity. He concluded that book by writing that man's duty and goal in life was to fear God and keep His commandments, for eternal judgment is inevitable and sure to those who don't.

The word Proverb is of Latin origin, literally meaning "for a word, speech, or conversation". The Hebrew word for "proverb" (mashal) means a "comparison."

Many suppose it was used, because the form or matter of the proverb, or both, involved the idea of comparison. Most of the proverbs are in couplets or triplets, or some modifications of them, the members of which correspond in structure and length, as if arranged to be compared one with another. They illustrate the varieties of parallelism, a distinguishing feature of Hebrew poetry.

The content of the book of Proverbs cover every spectrum of daily living and their application is needed no ...

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