Why Did Jesus Have to Die?: Easter Sunday by John Barnett

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?: Easter Sunday
John Barnett

God's Word captures many amazing, miraculous and profound events, but none are more precious than the marvelous record of Christ's Resurrection. Consider anew this morning the wonders of Christ's resurrection we have gathered here to celebrate.

We have come this morning to collectively affirm and proclaim the crowning proof of Christianity. All other words spoken, deeds done, promises made by Jesus and His Apostles are secondary to this the greatest event of all-Christ's Resurrection from the dead!

Without the resurrection, Christianity is like all the other false religions-all promises and no power. With Christ's bodily resurrection Christianity and its God are the absolute truth to believe and the absolute power to live!


It all comes down to death. Death is the greatest enemy, and has overpowered everything in the world except one man named Jesus Christ. No matter how wealthy or wise, no matter how strong or smart none can elude the onslaught of death. No wealth can buy endless life, no strength can keep endless life, and no wisdom can unlock endless life. Death always comes and the bodies of all eventually turn to dust.

Man is not alone in the losing struggle with death. All animals and plants no matter what their size or habitat eventually die. Even entire species succumb to extinction. Man's cities, civilizations, and all their monuments spring up, flourish, decline and eventually fade away. Even the universe as vast and incomprehensible as it may seem-is running down and would face an ultimate "heat death' if God did not step in as He promises He shall, and make all things new.

Humanity everything we know about is suffering under the dreadful curse the Bible calls the "bondage of corruption" and every part of the physical universe is awaiting liberation by God.

Romans 8:21-22 because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corrupt ...

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