Ministering On His Way To Ministry A Parenthetical Miracle Reach Out And Touch Jesus by Johnny Hunt

Ministering On His Way To Ministry A Parenthetical Miracle Reach Out And Touch Jesus
Johnny Hunt
Mark 5:25-34
April 3, 2011

INTRODUCTION: Matthew and Luke also record this story. You can't help but notice the contrast of two characters in this story. One is a man named Jairus, the other an anonymous woman. Jairus was an important and wealthy synagogue officer, the woman a person of destitution and sickness; yet, Jesus welcomed them both.

Jairus was about to lose a daughter who had given him 12 years of happiness, and the woman was about to lose an affliction that had brought her 12 years of sorrow. Jesus, on the way to bless one person, blesses another. It almost appears to be an unfortunate and unwarrantable interference and interruption.

This story will teach us that "no one is ever blessed at the expense of another." What we regard as an interruption may be Divine intervention.

Today, we will focus on the anonymous woman who came to Jesus as a last resort.

"This story laid hold on the heart and the imagination of the early church. It was believed that the woman was a Gentile from Caesarea Philippi. Eusebius, the great church historian (A.D. 300), relates how it was said that the woman had at her cost erected a statue commemorating her cure in her native city. It was said that the statue remained there until Julian,
the Roman Emperor who tried to bring back the pagan gods, destroyed it and erected his own in place of it, only to see his own statue blasted by a thunderbolt from God.

William Barclay


A. HIS CARE. 25 (Character/Commission)

NOTE: Addressed simply as "a certain woman"
Jesus cares for ordinary people; no insignificant people to Jesus.

For Jesus, no one is ever lost in the crowd. W.B. Yeats once wrote in one of his moments of mystical beauty, "The love of God is infinite for every human soul, because every human soul is unique. God gives all of Himself to each individual ...

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