Am I Convinced (1 of 5) by Fred Michaux

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Am I Convinced (1 of 5)
Series: Am I
Fred Michaux
John 14:6


-dental work…make an impression then create a molding…all the imperfections of my mouth so easily visible!

-What if we could make an impression and a molding of the unseen parts of who we are…have you ever thought of your immaterial self having a shape and taking it a step further, to what would we compare our shape to identify our imperfections?

-life is the occasion of our impression and molding

>every relationship, responsibility, thought, word spoken…
>Garden of Eden exposing the imperfections of humanity!
>The Law, exposing the imperfections of humanity!

-John 14:20 (He is the impression and molding of God!)

(Jesus is in us not just for comparison but He intends to empower us to become like Him!)

In the Gospel of John, we find Jesus using the statement "I Am" on seven different occasions, and if Jesus is in us, then are we becoming who He is, if He is, then so too we must become…His "I Am" inspires us to ask "Am I?"


-What have been some doorway moments in your life? (a ...

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