Am I Invested? (2 of 5) by Fred Michaux

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Am I Invested? (2 of 5)
Series: Am I
Fred Michaux
John 10:11


-John 10:11-18

-inserting ourselves in the text…tonight, as the shepherd

In the Gospel of John, we find Jesus using the statement "I Am" on seven different occasions, and if Jesus is in us (John 14:20), then are we becoming who He is, if He is, then so too we must become…His "I Am" inspires us to ask "Am I?"

Introduction (Ezekiel 34…)

-how does "owning" change your mindset with work, family, etc.?

-John 10:11-13 -- do we have a sense of responsibility for others!

-John 10:16a…a fully invested shepherd "reaches" for lost sheep

-John 10:16b…a fully invested shepherd "gathers" the flock together

When Jesus says I Am the good shepherd, He is declaring that He is fully INVESTED in reaching people estranged from God and gathering the people of God together…Am I?

(talk about how we start as sheep and stay as sheep, always needing shepherding, always needing flocking…but at some point we need to become shepherds ourselves!!)

He reached without being distracted by other's rejection.

-John 10:19-20

-(talk about the people in earsho ...

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