by Fred Michaux

Am I Weighty? (3 of 5)
Series: Am I
Fred Michaux
John 8:12 & John 11:25


-Human Limits

• 107.6 body temperature, irreversible damage
• withstand 40 degree water for only 30 minutes
• adult can survive 10 minutes in 300 degree air temp
• best free dive is 282 feet
• 11 minutes is longest breath hold
• over 40% blood loss will need immediate transfusion
• 45 days without food
• 7 days without water

When we take look at the teachings of Jesus, we discover a conversation about human limits, the limits of love, patience, forgiveness, generosity, self-control, mercy…this series is about discovering that Jesus tells us that we do not have to be bound by the limits of our humanity!

In the Gospel of John, we find Jesus using the statement "I Am" on seven different occasions, and if Jesus is in us, then are we becoming who He is, if He is, then so too we must become…His "I Am" inspires us to ask "Am I?"

-Recap: Gate, Way, Truth, & Life / Good Shepherd
-Today: Light of the World, Resurrection and the
-Last 2: Vine / Bread of Life

We are going to approach tonight a littler different…instead of giving you the principle up front and then spend our time together breaking it down…I want to build to the truth I want you to leave with tonight…
I. "Follow Me"

-Bet Sefer
• At age 6
• Local Rabi and local Synagogue
• Until age 10
• Memorize Genesis – Deuteronomy

-Bet Talmud
• At age 10, only those with promise…
• Others…"Go learn your father's trade…"
• Jesus and all his disciples…all tradesmen, rejected!"
• Memorize rest of OT…39 books…

-Bet Midrash
• Apply to be a disciple: learn, live, teach
• Abandon everything…
• "Can this kid spread my yoke?"
• "Come, follow me!"
• Rabbis were the rockstars of Jesus' day!

-Mark 11:28 (the first self appointed Rabbi!)

Is He not discerning? No, the reason Jesus can "John 1:43" all of us is because He intends to deposit in us the full weight of Hi ...

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