God's Spiritual Stimulus Plan – Obedience II (7 of 14) by Steve Jones

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God's Spiritual Stimulus Plan – Obedience II (7 of 14)
Series: God's Spiritual Stimulus Plan
Steve Jones
Philippians 2

INTRODUCTION: Joey's preschool teacher told him to sit down. Joey said "no." The teacher leaned over Joey and said sternly, "You sit down!" Joey sat down, looked up at the teacher and said "I'm sitting on the outside, but I'm standing on the inside."

I want to talk once more about obedience today – more specifically with regard to the proper attitude of obedience. As Joey illustrates, we can sit on the outside and stand on the inside. We can obey and rebel at the same time. I'm in a sermon series based on Paul's letter to the Philippian church. I've entitled this series "God's spiritual stimulus plan." The recipients of this letter were living in extreme poverty. The author of the letter wasn't doing real great himself. Nevertheless, the letter to the Philippians reveals the provisions that God has made to keep our spirit's strong and healthy even when our economy is weak and sick. We've already studied some of the elements of God's spiritual stimulus plan including relationships, the gospel, hope and humility. Last week we looked at the power of obedience to stimulate our spirits. We identified three qualities of stimulating obedience. Today is "obedience part II" – The RETURN of obedience or the REVENGE of obedience, or something like that. We're just not through with obedience yet. So today we're going to identify three more aspects of the obedience that stimulates our spirit.

Philippians 2:14 "Do everything without complaining or arguing"

When we say "amiably" we're talking about obedience with a good attitude. No complaining, no arguing. Shall I just spend the rest of my time right here on these six words: "Do everything without complaining or arguing?" Is this a problem for anybody else but me? Have we ever done the right thing with the wrong attitude? ...

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