On The Road With Elijah To Carmel Pt. 3 (6 of 13) by Ken Trivette

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On The Road With Elijah To Carmel Pt. 3 (6 of 13)
Series: On the Road with Elijah
Ken Trivette
1 Kings 18:41-46

1. Faith Is Acting On God's Promises
a) A Receiving of God's Promises
b) A Response to God's Promises
2. Prayer Is Anchored In God's Promises
a) Confidence in Prayer
b) Continuance in Prayer
3. Blessings Are Attained By God's Promises
a) The Sign of Rain
b) The Sending of Rain

1. In our last study we saw the fire fall. As we continue our journey with Elijah we remain with him at Carmel and we see the rain fall. Revival always results in blessings. The rain follows the fire. The story of revival is always one of great and glorious blessings that were enjoyed and experienced by God's people.

2. For three and a half years there had been no rain. Both the land and the people were suffering as result of the conditions that existed. But once they had dealt with the cause of the drought, the rain began to fall once again. Sin always results in the heavens being shut up. But when sin has been confronted and confessed, the heavens are opened.

3. A.W. Pink said, "Thus was the evil put away from them and the way opened for God's outward blessing. He graciously accepted this as their reformation and accordingly removed His scourge from them. This is ever the order: judgment prepares the way for blessing; the awful fire is followed by the welcome rain. Once a people takes their place on their faces and render to God the homage which is His due, it will not be long ere refreshing showers are sent down from Heaven." (1)

4. R. A. Torrey said, "I can give a prescription that will bring a revival to any church or community or any city on earth." He then gave three conditions. "First, let a few Christians (they need not be many) get thoroughly right with God themselves. This is the prime essential. If this is not done, the rest that I am to say will come to nothing. Second, let them bind themselves together in a prayer group to pray for a revival until God opens the heavens and comes down. Third, let them put themselves at the disposal of God for Him to use as He sees fit in winning others to Christ. That is all! This is sure to bring a revival to any church or community. I have given this prescription around the world. It has been taken by many churches and many communities, and in no instance has it ever failed; and it cannot fail!"

5. You will note that the first condition he gave was God's people getting completely right with God. He stated that this was not only the first step, but if this step was not taken, anything and everything else that is done will be in vain. Sin cannot be condoned or covered if there is to be revival. But again, when sin is dealt with—sincerely dealt with—the fire will fall! When the fire falls, the rain will follow.

6. In verse 42 we read, "And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel." After leaving the place on Carmel where God revealed Himself by fire, Elijah made his way to the to ...

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