The Filling of the Holy Spirit by Rex Yancey

The Filling of the Holy Spirit
Rex Yancey
Ephesians 5:18

There was a pastor going on a sabbatical and wanted to utilize the time to prepare sermons that would be helpful to his congregation. He prepared a survey and passed it out to his members. He asked this question, "What do you feel is the greatest need in your life?" The answer he received above all others was this: "We need power to live the Christian life. The pastor got hold of a protruding thread.
-Vacuum cleaner salesman went way out in the country to sell his wares. He saw an old farm house and pulled in to it.
JOHN Owen said, "The sin of the OT was rejecting God the Father; the sin of the NT was rejecting God the Son; the sin of the church age is rejecting God the Holy Spirit."
Imagine history as a stage. In the OT God the Father is at center stage with God the Son and God the Spirit in the wings. In the gospels, God the Son is at center stage, with the Father and the Spirit in the wings. From Pentecost until the Lord comes back, God the Holy Spirit is at center stage with the Father and Son in the wings.
In each stage of history, one person of the Trinity is more prominent than the others. But all are present throughout history.
We need a good understanding of the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives.
It is important to get the definition right. The terminology here is "filled" not baptized. The baptism is an expression used to describe the experience of the Holy Spirit at the initiation of a relationship, never as a subsequent experience.
The baptism of the Spirit should be limited to what happened on the day of Pentecost and our being united with the eternal significance of that event at regeneration.
Before Pentecost the word was used prophetically. John the Baptist said, "I have indeed baptized you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost." Mark 1:8
Jesus takes that up and ...

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