A Church that Raises the Roof by Steve Wagers

A Church that Raises the Roof
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Mark 2: 1-12
October 26. 2008

1. Saturation with the Presence of God!
A) The Place that Enjoys His Presence
B) The Preaching that Establishes His Presence
2. Participation by the People of God!
A) The Crowd that Intrigued Jesus
1) Those that Hurt
2) Those that Helped
3) Those that Hindered
B) The Confidence that Impressed Jesus
1) Compassionate Faith
2) Costly Faith
3) Courageous Faith
3. Celebration of the Power of God!
A) What was Accomplished Personally
1) Forgiven Spiritually
2) Fixed Physically
B) What was Announced Publicly

A quick look into the Yellow Pages reveals that we are not hurting for churches today. There is just about a church in any type of place, with any type of program, and for any type of person.

Ed Stetzer in his book, "Comeback Churches," lists what he calls the "Dirty Baker's Dozen" of churches that are prominent today. These are 13 types of churches who will not advance the kingdom of God, because they cannot advance the kingdom of God.

Focuses on and is more committed to the forms and programs of ministry. The good has become the enemy of the best, and activity has choked out productivity.

A church of the people, by the people, but most importantly FOR the people. It makes sure that it retains as many people as possible and keeps new people in their place. The underlying premise is the "status quo."

They have the best of intentions, but they don't act on their intentions. They may even be willing, but they never "do" what the "intended."

If they get any larger, they will lose their sweet fellowship. Any new members cannot break into the clique. They want a family feel, so they can relate like family.

Like a family owned store next to a new Wal-Mart, they have given up on making a difference. ...

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