How Slaves Can Become Kings by Stan Coffey

How Slaves Can Become Kings
Stan Coffey



Many of you have asked why I left my last church. I thought I would take
Some time this morning to briefly explain those circumstances. I was not getting
along with our worship leader. And our issues with one another were beginning
to spill over into our worship services,

One week I was preaching on commitment, and how we should dedicate ourselves
to service, and he sung "I shall not be moved." The next Sunday I was preaching
on giving and how we should support the work of the Lord and he sung, "Jesus
Paid It All." The next Sunday I was preaching on the sin of gossip and how we

should watch our tongues and he sung "I Love To Tell The Story." I got pretty
upset and told the congregation I was thinking of resigning and he sung "Oh Why
Not Tonight?" After that I decided to resign and I told them that Jesus had led

me to the church and now Jesus was leading me away and he sung "What A Friend
We Have In Jesus." In the book of Philemon we see how Paul dealt with conflict
within the church and not only that he illustrates in the book what Jesus has done

for each of us by making it possible for slaves to become kings. Once we were
slaves to sin but now we are kings and priests unto God through the grace of our
Lord Jesus Christ. Although this book is the shortest in the Bible containing only

twenty five verses it is filled with some of the clearest truths and illustrations of
the glorious salvation brought to us through the Lord Jesus Christ. Philemon lived
in Colosse. He owned a slave by the name of Onesimus. In the days of the Roman

Empire slavery was a normal way of life. Onesimus was a rather worthless slave,
and he escaped from his master, Philemon, robbing him on the way out. Onesimus
found his way to Rome where Paul was imprisoned. Yet even though Paul was

a prisoner he was ...

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