God Can Use You! by David Cook

God Can Use You!
Series: Posses the Promised Land!
David Cook
Joshua 2:1-24

Intro: We are just beginning a new series in the book of Joshua. God wants you and me to posses the promised land and live the promised life. In the previous sermon, we saw how God helped Joshua overcome his fears. God told Joshua (Focus on MY plan, Focus on MY Word, and Focus on MY Faithfulness). God calls us to be a church that majors on Him, majors on His Word, majors on what He wants to do now and in the future.

Can you imagine what might happen if every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ lived consumed with the purpose and promises of God? The impossible would be possible. The unlikely would become likely.

Illus: When I played Little league baseball, we lost 99% of the games we played in for the first year and a half. The Bad News Bears was a popular movie around that time and we were the Bad News Realtors. As the second season begin to come to a close our team was beginning to get better. In the last game of the year, we beat the Yankees 18-6, which everyone considered highly unlikely because of our past and they had pummeled us earlier that year. The unlikely became likely b/c the coach believed we could improve and he never gave up on us.

Prop. Sent: The Bible teaches that God is able to use people in His service most of us would never consider. If you say, "God, you could never use me that matters to anything," be careful because He may have something mighty special for you!


A. Note her Condition Josh. 2:1-7

1. Of all the people God chooses to work through in a mighty way to demonstrate an active faith, He chooses a prostitute by the name of Rahab.
2. All through the Bible God chooses the weak to shame the wise.
a. Noah - Ark
b. David - slingshot
c. 12 disciples - weak on their own, power through God
d. 120 disciples - all they had was one heart, one mind, one voice to glorify God - they turned the world upside down!
e. The Lord Jesus Christ - looked weak on the cross, yet through His death offers all eternal life!
3. Think for a moment of Rahab's past.
a. Sinful life - probably full of guilt, shame, fear, etc. Why did I chose this way of life? No one loves me just for who I am.
b. Sinful city - Jericho - this is city that God's judgment is soon to fall upon. Is the judgment of God about to fall upon America? Ps. 33:12
c. The only hope for a sinful person and a sinful nation is to repent before a Holy God, ask for cleansing, live a godly life, acknowledge the Lord!
ILLUS: Ronald Regan, "If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."
4. 40 years God had given to Rahab, Jericho to turn to Him and turn away from sin. How long has God given you? Where would you be today without the love, mercy, forgiveness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?
5. No matter your condition, the God of Heaven and ...

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