A look at the beasts of Revelation…described, and who or what they are (4 of 9) by Jerry Branch

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A look at the beasts of Revelation…described, and who or what they are (4 of 9)
Series: Revelation
Gerald Branch
January 31, 2010
Chapter 13

Today, we'll look at chapter 13, which describes the two beasts.
If you go back to Chapter 12, for just a moment,
you'll also see the other of the 'evil' ones…
that being the Dragon, the Serpent, or Satan,
who is the one, according to verse 4 of chapter 13,
gives the power to the beast.
There's a lot, and I do mean a lot of speculation and commentary on
"who or what" these two beasts are, and where they come from.
Again, all that makes for some interesting reading,
and for some really good movies and books.
But that's not what Revelation is all about.
So, why do we even need to look at this chapter?
The answer is this…if you have a good understanding of this chapter,
then you'll truly have a much better understanding of the book Revelation. That's because if we understand something about the beast and his role, then, we'll better understand:
1) How and why the end time will have so much evil.
2) The why and how God's judgments will come in such severity
3) The reason why and the manner in which God ends the world
4) How and why God gives hope and promise even in such a time
to Israel and those who will come to follow Him during this end time
5) And how and why some of the Old Testament prophecies
are fulfilled during this period of time.
So as we read God's Word this morning, that being Chapter 13, verses 1-18, let's rise… (REV. 13:1-18)
Ok…as we just read, this chapter tells us of two really evil ones,
'beasts' if you will, the antichrist and his religious leader,
who rise up during this time, and who use the power
that Satan gives to them.
First, why are they called 'beasts?'
The reason they are both called beasts is in part because
their rule will be so evil and so full of a 'reign of terror'
that 'beasts' are really the only applicable names wh ...

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