Living Purity by John Barnett

Living Purity
John Barnett
I Thessalonians 4:1-8

The city of Thessalonica is a thriving city - the second largest in Greece today. In Paul's day that meant lots of temptations for the eyes, the mind, and the flesh.

What did he prescribe? Abstinence from anything that feeds the lust.

What would he say to us in the 21st century? The same thing!

Flee, avoid, and run from anything that will infect your soul with the deadly lust virus. It grows and consumes our flesh like the most deadly cancer - only lust attacks the soul, defiles the spirit and robs the life of joy.

Listen to Dr. Paul as he tells us how to get and stay spiritually healthy.

A. First - holy living is not an option. It's an imperative. "ought"
B. Second - holy living is not momentary. It's continuous "to walk"
C. Third - holy living is not private. It is [and shall be] public. "to please god"
D. Because of these three, look at the end of the road, look at second corinthians 5:10. The day of reckoning.
1. "must" - no option = compulsory
2. "all/each one" = personal
3. "appear" made manifest = public
4. "recompensed" individually paid = specific
A. Don't miss this - that word "C" is a military term for passing on orders.
B. Look at John 14:15-21. Because we love we obey!
III. PURSUE GOD'S WILL. v. 3-4 OUR CALLING IS TO DO GOD'S WILL. This is anarthrous = no article. Indefinite. This is something "God wills". There are others... It is our calling. Holiness is God's will - The first step to holy living is doing God's will - God's will starts with holy living
A. God's will is that we be (I Th. 5:18) Thankful
B. God's will is that we be (Eph 5:18) Be being filled with H.S.
C. God's will is that we be (I Pet. 2:13-15) Submissive
D. God's will is that we be (I Pet. 4:19 / 5:10) Suffering
E. God's will is that we be (2 Pet. 3:9) Saved
F. God's will is that ...

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