How to Keep From Self-Destructing (9 of 10) by Jeff Lynn

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How to Keep From Self-Destructing (9 of 10)
Series: Can You Deliver?
Judges 14-15
Jeff Lynn
Preached March 7, 2010


TEXT: Judges 13:1-3, 5, 24

Have you ever known of anyone who from the time of their childhood was being groomed to be someone special?
Early in their adulthood when they arrived on the scene there was this awe about how strong they were to the point that people were awed by their ability? They stood head and shoulders above everybody else?
Then, because of their unhealthy appetite for women and lack of self-control, whatever they could have become was diminished because of their reputation as a "womanizer."
You look at their life and what might have been and you think to yourself, "What a Waste!"

No, I'm not talking about Tiger Woods.

I'm talking about Samson.

Although we have yet to see what will ultimately become of Tiger, we know what became of Samson.

He self-destructed.

Is there anything we can learn from his life?

You may find yourself being used to bring about deliverance; but you have this "Achilles' heel": this besetting sin that is going to destroy you.
We can name Christian leader after Christian leader who were used mightily of God, only to have it clouded by strongholds in their own lives.

How do you keep from self-destructing even while being used by God?

Because of the length of his story, we are going to break this into two parts, and conclude this series next Sunday.

How do you keep from self-destructing?


This is the very thing Samson did NOT do.

Samson went down to Timnah, and at Timnah he saw one of the daughters of the Philistines. Then he came up and told his father and mother, "I saw one of the daughters of the Philistines at Timnah. Now get her for me as my wife." But his father and mother said to him, "Is there not a woman among the daughters of your relatives, or among all our people, that you must go to t ...

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