Understanding God's Priority for Family (1 of 4) by Jeff Lynn

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Understanding God's Priority for Family (1 of 4)
Series: Home Run
Genesis 1:26-28
Jeff Lynn

This morning I am beginning a new series on the family entitled, "Home Run: A New Season for Your Family."
We're calling it a new season, because we want to communicate that regardless of what condition your family is in, there is hope for you.
You may feel that you are in a slump, or that you have been striking out when it comes to your family.
Or, you may feel that you have had one losing season after another.
But God's plan is that each family hit a home run, which is indicative of success, and to be fulfilled when it comes to your family life.

To hit it out of the park, it all begins with a good foundation, which is your stance. A good stance (in baseball) gives you balance and consistency. It allows you to shift your weight properly - which adds power to your swing (act it out).
Life is much the same way. It all begins with a healthy foundation!
This morning I want to show you what that foundation is by showing us God's priority for the family and what you can do to put family first and have success.

TEXT: Genesis 1:26-28 ESV


PROPOSITION: How can we better understand God's priority for the family?

First of all,


It doesn't take you long to see how God prioritized the family over every other human institution; yes, even over the church.
In fact, as we read a few moments ago, on the sixth day of creation God created man and woman and told them to be fruitful and multiply.
So the family was the first institution created by God.

Problems come when we try and pervert God's original design; and when the family fails, other entities and institutions try and fill the vacuum that only the family was intended to occupy.

The family is the foundation for a society.

Dr. Jimmy Draper, former president of LifeWay Christian Resources said,

"The traditional family…is the be ...

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