Dying for Joy: The Work of Christ by Jerry Branch

Dying for Joy: The work of Christ
Gerald Branch
Luke 24:1-12; 21-25; 36-39; 48-53
April 4, 2010

----Right at 11:00 a.m. start VIDEO clip… "Sunday's Coming"
(I'll do the welcome when I start my message)

Again, I want to welcome you to Dallas Baptist Church and thank you for being here to worship the Lord, Jesus Christ!
I would like to also invite you to take a look at our worship folder, and ask that if you're our guest today, or here for the first time, or if you haven't filled out one of our Connect Cards in the past, would you take just a moment, and give us your name, and if you have any questions, or you make a spiritual decision, then use the this tear-off Card to please note that, and then give the card to myself, or drop it in the offering plate later on as your offering.
Let's now Continue our service as we go before the Lord in PRAYER…

As I was preparing this message, I had a thought…yeah…even preachers have those at times…
Anyway, I was reminded that during that whole week leading up to Jesus' entry into Jerusalem,
there were a whole bunch of people who had gathered in Jerusalem…
Some had come for the Passover.
Some had come also because they had heard that Jesus was going to be there, that's why we read about what has become known as Palm Sunday where a whole bunch of them even went out and put coats and palm leaves on the path Jesus was using, and many also waved palm leaves as Jesus came into Jerusalem, and they were excited…and were shouting, Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord…
Well, the thought I had was this…WHAT were all the people coming to look at?
And then later on, the following week, when Jesus was tried in the mock trial, and led off to be executed…once again, there were those crowds that gathered again…what were they there to look at?
Why did they come?
Did they just come for the sensationalism of watching someone being executed on a R ...

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