He Leadeth Me (2 of 7) by Wayne Hinson

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He Leadeth Me (2 of 7)
Series: High Notes For Higher Living Volume One
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 119: 9 thru 16

1. Into The Realm Of A Cleansed Life
A. Initiated By Hearing The Word Of God
1. Hearing Presents The Way Of Choice
2. Hearing Powers The Way of Conversation
3. Hearing Promotes The Way Of Cleansing
B. Included By Heeding The Word Of God
1. During The Years Of Freshness
2. During The Yielding Of Faithfulness
3. During The Yearning Of Fullness
2. Into The Reality Of A Controlled Life
A. By Becoming A Student
1. Respect For The Teacher
2. Respect For The Taught
B. By Becoming A Source
C. By Bearing A Seed
3. Into The Rejoicing Of A Complete Life
A. Meditation
B. Medication
C. Manifestation

Introduction: In order to properly establish the context of this next octave of eight notes or verses, and in order to explain the content of this octave, we must realize that the Psalmist now deals with the entrance of salvation into a lost person's heart than he deals with the example of salvation after salvation has come into a heart. While the Psalmist, who is believed to be David is now in old age, this fact does not limit him as to his reflection of his youth, and the time when he accepted God into his life. The question proposed in verse one is the question that all youth will face when presented with the reality of life's destiny. The answer presented in verse one is the only answer available, which will lead to eternal life in Christ Jesus. This musical octave begins with the note of life's direction, and ends with the high note of life's delight. One will never be able to hit the higher note of delight in life, until one hits the lower note of direction. As we examine how "He leadeth me", we must first examine where "He leadeth me":

Thi ...

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