Farther along, We'll understand His Walk (1 of 4) by Wayne Hinson

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Farther along, We'll understand His Walk (1 of 4)
Series: Farther Along, We'll Understand Why
Wayne Hinson
Matthew 26: 36 thru 46

Intro: Our Lord's walk to the Garden of Gethsemane is not unknown territory to the saint of God. We are very familiar with the prayer that Jesus prayed here. As recorded in John 17, this prayer is in actuality the true "Lord's Prayer". However, even though this passage is very familiar to us, there are a few words contained in this passage that we often miss the meaning of. Those words in verse 39 "and he went a little further", reveals the golden nugget of understanding His walk to Gethsemane. This garden experience of Christ was not the first garden experience, nor would it be His last. There is a beautiful underlying precept throughout God's Word concerning garden experiences and all three garden experiences should have a great impact on the saint. They are:

1) The Garden of Creation (Eden)
This was where the substance of man was created in the image of God. Sad to say, this also was where that substance was marred by sin.

2) The Garden of Confirmation (Gethsemane)
Jesus confirmed the security of all those of whom the Father had given Him, but the greater confirmation was that of submitting to the will of His father.

3) The Garden of Cancellation (Tomb - Jn 19:41)
While the keyword of the first garden(Eden) was sin, and of the second garden(Gethsemane) was submission, then the theme of the third garden (tomb) is sacrifice. It was in this third garden that our Lord cancelled the sting of death, hell and the grave.

In order to understand the walk of our Lord, we must now go "a little further". This "farther along" walk of Christ reveals:

When we survey a map of Jerusalem, we find that the walk to Gethsemane took our Lord out of the city through the East gate, across the Kidron valley, through the Mount of Olives, then up to the ...

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