Farther along, We'll Understand His Word (4 of 4) by Wayne Hinson

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Farther along, We'll Understand His Word (4 of 4)
Series: Farther along, we'll understand why
Wayne Hinson
John 1: 1 thru 18

Intro: It only seems appropriate that the greatest revelation and explanation of
Jesus Christ as the Word of God, was given to John. Some of the dis-
ciples were working disciples, some were witnessing disciples, and one
was a wayward disciple. However, in John's case, he seems to have
been chosen to be the Word disciple. This is further seen in John's later
description of the "I am's" of Christ. We would be correct in making the
assumption that the closer one travels with Christ, the greater the truth
one will gather. In these 18 verses of John's gospel, we see Jesus Christ
revealed as the Word of life, the Word of light, and the Word of the Lamb.
In comparison to the old economy of the Old Testament, John's description
of the diety of Jesus Christ, is like an oasis at the end of a dry hot desert.
While the old economy had scenes and symbols of Jesus Christ, John's
gospel gives us the source and substance of a new glorious economy.
In the Old Testament we are directed to God as a source of light, but in
the new economy, Jesus is the Light. In the old economy, we saw
glimpses of the resurrection on several occasions, but Jesus declared
"I am the resurrection".This should cause us to acclaim that Christ is
the totality of every value, and the truth of every virtue. These facts
should also bring us to exalt Christ as "My Lord and my God". As we
walk down the pathway that John presents, we realize that "Farther
along, we'll understand His Word":


A) Perfectly Omnipotent in Design (vs 1 "in the beginning w ...

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