The Pre-Eminence of Christ by Stan Coffey

The Pre-Eminence of Christ
Stan Coffey

The book of Colossians is written to remind us that the only successful life is the life centered in the person of Jesus Christ.

The theme of the Bible is summed up in one short phrase in verse 19:
That in all things He (Christ) might have the pre-eminence.

or as the Living Bible puts it: That in everything he might have first place.

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ should have first place - that is pre-eminence in every area of your life….

Everything in life-every relationship, every decision, every thought, every motive, every intent, every circumstance - should be centered in the person of Jesus Christ.


Not only are we told that this is true, but we are told why it is true. It is true because Jesus Christ is the greatest and most pre-eminent personality of all the ages.

In the ancient city of Rome, a golden milestone was set up in the center of the city. Every milestone in the great Roman Empire was measured out from this golden milestone. It was the PREEMINENT MILSTONE IN ALL THE ROMAN EMPIRE.

The astronomers tell us that there is one fixed star in the heavens. They measure all other stars by this fixed star. It is the PRE-EMINENT STAR in the solar system.

In Washington D.C., all the downtown streets and avenues run toward the capitol. The capitol of our country is the pre-eminent building in the beautiful city of Washington D.C. and Jesus Christ is the greatest and PRE-EMINENT PERSONALITY OF ALL THE AGES.

All the history past and all of prophecy future revolves around Him. He is above all others as a mountain is above a molehill, as the mighty ocean is above a drop of water, as the great sun is above a flickering candle, as a towering sky scraper is above a dollhouse.

Christ is pre-eminent in the scriptures

The Bible story from beginning to end is the story of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Old Tes ...

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