Bountifully Controlled with a Limitless Light (2 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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Bountifully Controlled with a Limitless Light (2 of 24)
Chapter One: God's Composition of a Limitless Union....The Body
Series: That Glorious Union...Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 1: 22, 23

Intro: In the first message addressing this first chapter, we looked at the subject of "Beautifully Composed with a Limitless Love". Now we embark on the subject that this union of the bride and the bridegroom is: "Bountifully Controlled with a Limitless Light". God, as the divine artist, composed the Bride of Christ with a touch of His love, but now we will see God, the devoted artist, place the token of His light in the Bride. The light of our relationship to God is a direct and dynamic result of His love for us. We have seen His love directed toward us, and now we will see His light demonstrating in us. This is why Jesus stated "Ye are the light of the world". We now become the lit candle that is a result of God's love which condescended. To fully understand how we are bountifully controlled by a limitless light, we must examine:

In order to define the truth of God, we need to divide that definition into two separate, but connected parts. One definition deals with the deposited truth of God, which is the Gospel in content, while the other definition deals with the declared truth of God, which is the Gospel in communication.

A) The Gospel of Truth

1) Commenced with a sending forth
(vs 13a "trusted after ye heard")
Here we deal with the power of the gospel that pricks our conscience, and parades our condition in full view before our eyes. The word "heard" is not directed only at physical hearing, but is directed at the soul's hearing. It is possible to hear the gospel physically, but not hear the gospel spiritually. Faith is demonstrated as a divine gift, by hearing the declared Word of the gospel. The declaration of the gospel, and the demonstration of faith are two key elements of salv ...

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