Blessed through a Lighted Mystery (7 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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Blessed through a Lighted Mystery (7 of 24)
Chapter 3 - "God's Communication of a Lighted Union - The Blessed"
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 3: 3-6

(verse 3)

A) Enlightened to a Good Steward
("revelation He made known")
Each time the word "mystery" is used in scripture, it always means "a sacred secret". God only reveals a sacred secret to a trusted steward. Divine revelation only comes to devoted men. A lazy steward may have some divine knowledge, but will never have any divine revelation. The great principle taught here is that unless we plow, plant and produce from the acre that we already have, God will not make us stewards of any more acreage. Another divine principle seen in this verse, is that greatness with God does not come from how much spiritual knowledge we have, but what we are doing with that which we have. Before the revelation of this mystery came to the Apostle Paul, he had been a devoted steward of those blessings and insights that God had already bestowed upon him. The most basic of all our obligations to God is found in this verse, "It is required of stewards that they be found faithful". Faithfulness is the very least we can do in our service to the Lord. Also, "to whom much is given, much is required".

B) Entrusted to a Guided Servant
("unto me")
God not only qualifies us, as to the receiving of revelation, in how we have been good stewards in the past, but also as to whether we will continue to be good stewards in the future. Paul was entrusted with the knowledge of this mystery because the Lord, with His all seeing eye, knew that Paul's future performance would remain as great and devoted as his past performance was. Dedication and devotion in the past, also projects and promises dedication and devotion in the future. When we take the word "dedication" and separate it, we will find that it says this: "dead - I". ...

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