Blessed through a Lighted Mission (8 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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Blessed through a Lighted Mission (8 of 24)
Chapter 3 "God's Communication of a Lighted Union ... The Blessed
Wayne Hinson
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Ephesians 7 thru 13

(verse 7)
The word "minister" in verse seven means "servant" and is the same Greek word that we get our English word "deacon" from. Paul was declaring his "serving ministry of power". God delegates His serving power only to those who are serving participants. The word "effectual" is the Greek word "energis", from which we get our English word "energy". It becomes a fair and reasonable assumption at this point to say that God only energizes those who are enlightened and energetic in their service for Him. This power or energy of service does not come as a force to make us faithful, but does come as an added energy or power when we are faithful. "It is required of a steward, that he be found faithful". When we serve God by faith, then God will faithfully supply us with an added force that will further power our service. All of this is, in Paul's words, "according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the Spirit." This power can be further defined as:

A) Gleaning Power (Word)
Gleaning power comes from hearing the preached Word, from having the Practiced Word, and from hovering over the Printed Word. This is a total gleaning mission of hearing, having, and hovering. Most people would rather dwell in the realm of having, but neglect the hearing and hovering. What they do not understand, is that without hearing and hovering, there will be no having. For the Word to become practical, we must attend to the preaching and the Printed Word.

B) A Going Power (Work)
Accumulation through gleaning always results in the activity of going. We have too much show and not enough go in the modern church. How can we glory in Foreign Missions to people we never see, when we ignore the Front door missions ...

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